Monday, August 11, 2008

And we're off!

Yesterday I spent a good solid set of hours setting up my flickr account to prepare for the photographic outburst that will be this blog. I basically uploaded a smattering of my favorite pix from over the past few years. For my first photo blog post, I thought I'd display a slick little mosaic of my favorites:

[click on the link to go to the individual photo on flickr]
1. sand turtle 2. camp fire 3. rain drop 4. lily 5. apartment 6. London Bridge 7. Wisconsin State Fair 8. Arizona sunset 9. gourmet camp food

In addition to flickr, of course, I really do have to send shoutouts to:
A. Occasional Bursts, a blog I stumbled upon a few weeks ago that contained one of these mosaics and actually inspired this entire new blog of mine!
B. Big Huge Labs, a swank place you can create all kinds of montages and other cool photographic jazz. I will undoubtedly use the mosaic tool whenever I want to display a themed set in the future.

I hope to get started on the Q&A this week maybe??

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